5 Powerful Reasons to Become a Guitar Control Affiliate

  • High Conversion
  • Generous
  • Massive Product
  • Done-For-You
    Promotional Tools
  • Loveable

High Conversions in a Competitive Niche

Seems every dude with a guitar and a video camera is trying to make a buck online with guitar lessons. The market is beyond saturated. So, how have we been making consistent sales and serious money since 2004?

It’s simple. Our sales pages convert and outperform almost everything else in the market. You can take advantage of our time-proven offers which are the result of relentless testing from millions of dollars worth of traffic.

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Generous Commissions

This is a simple idea: The more money you make, the more money we make.

We’re paying 45% on all of our courses: Both DVDs and online courses. Plus, we offer our customers tons of upsells (You also earn you 45% on those).

We also have a continuity program called the Guitar God Club which offers a huge library of lessons, jam tracks, and live webinars. People love it. And yes, you’re getting 45% on that too.

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Massive Product Library

We’re not a one-trick-pony. We have over 60 musical products and cover almost every musical style, so we definitely have what your customers are looking for, and we can keep on delivering new, exciting stuff that you can hook your fans up with.

Just some examples include:

Killer Guitar Control Secrets: This is the course that started it all for us in 2004 and has been an evergreen best seller. Guitar players love this one because it gives rare insight into how to improvise creatively.

The Ultimate Guitar Song Collection: Another very popular course that teaches 225 smash hit songs complete with chord charts and tabs.

Blues Song Collection: Taught by Jimmy Dillon, a San Francisco legend who’s currently playing with Carlos Santana.

Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets: Taught by Steve Golding, an authentic Jamaican guitar guru who toured with Bob Marley.

Real Easy Jazz: The fastest, easiest way to start playing real jazz guitar.

...and much more.

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Done-For-You Promotional Tools

We want to make your life as easy as possible. So, we’ve done everything for you and assembled a complete and organized collection of:

  •   Banner Ads
  •   Promotional Emails
  •   Sample Video Pages

What’s great is that for each of our courses, we have several sweet video samples that you can send to your list. So you’re not just blasting them with sales pitches -- you’re also giving them some great content that they’ll love.

You’ll get pre-written emails going to these video samples too, so you won’t have to write anything. Plus, your affiliate link will be precoded into everything when you log into the Affiliate center.

We’ve done everything we can think of to make this as easy as possible.

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Loveable Products

We’re not just here to make a buck. We are truly passionate about guitar and helping empower people with unique and powerful information.

Guitarists love our products and we want you to feel good about promoting something that will have a major impact and will really help guitarists reach their goals and have fun.

Here’s what a few of our customers are saying:


Be proud of what you promote. Join the Guitar Control team.

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