What if you could experience and get:

The Smooth Fingerpicking Sounds of Chet Atkins... The Slick Tasteful Melodies of Albert Lee... And the Scorching Chops of Danny Gatton... ...Into Your Fingers in just 3 Fun hours

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Get excited for Jon’s latest guitar secrets.

Dear soon-to-be amazing picker:

  • Would you love to DOUBLE your chops FAST with a powerful new system that gives you a whole new way to freely express yourself on your guitar?
  • Do you want to enjoy the pure pleasure of playing some good ole' Americana style guitar riffs?
  • Have you ever felt that guitar playing in modern music has gone down the drain -- that much of today's mainstream music is bland... boring... and MAYBE JUST PLAIN BAD?
  • Do you wish you had an inspiring teacher to motivate you... gracefully guide you through a fun, easy, step-by-step process... and empower you with dozens of dazzling guitar rhythms and licks?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then get READY... get EXCITED... because you're gonna love what I'm about to share with you.

Imagine This...

You get home from a long, hard day's work.

As you walk in, you put your bag down, grab a glass and pour yourself your favorite drink. You take a sip, find a seat to relax, and get comfortable.

A whole new bag of guitar tricks is
waiting for you in these digital course...

Your woman, she walks over, kisses you and takes a seat nearby...

You grab your guitar, confidently place it on your lap and gracefully begin playing smooth, smokin' hot licks and powerful "Americana" riffs.

Your artistry flows flawlessly through your guitar and out into the room in one continuous stream -- before you take another sip of your drink.

Finally you can unwind, lose yourself and breathe deeply...and life feels good.

You Can Make Massive Progress
In Just 3 Fun Hours

Yes, in just 3 hours -- you'll evolve into a slick, smooth, "down home" guitar player with dozens of new potent licks under your belt. You'll be able to freely express yourself like never before with your guitar.

This is the result you'll achieve after you watch this digital course series called Americana Guitar.

The lessons will get you right into
the fun zone.

What's Americana guitar? Johnny Cash... Chet Atkins... Danny Gatton... Albert Lee... are all what I consider the "Masters of Americana Guitar".

Americana Guitar includes clean classic rock... country chicken pickin'... and smooth powerful blues.

You'll quickly be able to play smokin' riffs and big ole' American guitar songs like a pro. All you need to do is follow these easy, step-by-step lessons from one of the best guitar instructors you'll ever find.

Who Is Jon Maclennan And Why Is He Really Qualified To Teach You To Play Some of the Hottest Guitar Riffs Ever?

Jon Maclennan is one of the busiest studio guitarists in Los Angeles.

He's played guitar for Julian Lennon (of Beatles family fame), and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith). He's recorded with British pop-star Jamie Cullum on his Gold-winning album.

Jon's also opened up for blues legend John Lee Hooker Jr., performed live on the Disney Channel, and scored soundtracks for major motion pictures and television shows.

Most importantly, he's been playing and teaching guitar for over a decade with rave reviews from critics and students alike.

I could go on and on about Jon's credentials as a teacher, but this letter is about you and how you can double your chops in record time.

A Super Simple, 3 Part System That Instantly Upgrades
Your Chops Without Any Complex Theory

That's right, there's no complicated theory here and you won't be memorizing any guitar scales whatsoever.

Here's the simple 3-part system to quickly play killer Americana style guitar in just a few fun hours.

  • In Part 1, you'll conquer country rhythms. Whether you're currently just a rookie or an advanced player, you'll get dozens of new riffs, rhythms, and patterns that you can use to conjure up killer sounds immediately.
  • Part 2 is all about playing smokin' solos FAST. It's gonna arm you with new, slick blues, folk, bluegrass, country, rock-n-roll, and rockabilly licks. You'llinstantly upgrade your chops to the next level, and greatly expand your guitar vocabulary. Jon teaches you some sweet solos note for note from some of the greatest guitarists ever including James Burton (a rock and roll hall of famer) and Luther Perkins (who played with Johnny Cash). Playing these solos are tons of fun and will get any crowd going.
  • In Part 3 Jon puts it all together for you by showing all the "pro moves": slick chord transitions, advanced techniques like pedal steel and chicken pickin' licks, how to use effects, and a lot more.

Plus, he shows several classic guitar songs including some killer tracks from Elvis Presley and Dire Straits.

By the end of these 3 fun hours of Americana guitar, you'll be effortlessly strumming and plucking like a smooth Nashville pro.

It's Time To Bring Back

Do you love bluegrass, country, rockabilly and raw ripping Americana guitar blues?

Good! Because you won't be learning any mainstream "pop-country" or "bro-country" licks on these courses.

It's all about authentic music and
artistic expression.

Instead you'll discover legendary licks, techniques and rhythms from guitar heros like Albert Lee, Merle Haggard, James Burton, Scotty Moore, Luther Perkins (and many, many more).

Jon was taught these rhythms and techniques first hand by playing in the studio and touring with legendary guitarists for over a decade. Every lick in the Americana Guitar course is tried, true and tested by generations of famous guitarists.

Now this is an opportunity for you to take the torch and discover bits and pieces of pure guitar gold from an era of country music that's slowly disappearing.

You'll keep authentic country alive, smoking hot and burning as you watch the Americana Guitar course.

These Courses Will Take Your Chops To
The Next Level In Record Time

In just a short afternoon, you'll learn a couple country concepts and little maneuvers you can add to your playing repertoire to get that authentic, country sound. You're gonna' love these wickedly effective, explosively powerful guitar weapons that you'll be adding to your bag of tricks almost immediately.

Here's a small taste of the things you're about to discover:

  • A killer country rhythm swiped directly from "the master of the telecaster". This quick and easy phrase gives your strumming a smooth western, Louisiana sound. You'll instantly be able to play a whole series of Americana style riffs.
  • Twang Basics 101: Hybrid picking. One of the most powerful upgrades you can make to your playing is to start using the hybrid picking technique. Jon gives you 3 shortcuts that will transform you into a hybrid picking master FAST.

    Jon's been playing as a session guitarists
    and touring with legendary artists
    for the past decade.
    Why should you care about learning hybrid picking? That's a great question.

    Hybrid picking is a fundamental technique that involves holding your pick like you normally would, with your thumb and index finger. Yet you simultaneously use your middle and ring fingers (and sometimes your pinky) to attack the strings.

    The wicked payoff is that it combines the power of flatpicking with fingerstyle. That allows you to change rhythms quickly. And mastering hybrid picking makes playing solos and flashy licks 10 times easier.

    So if you were struggling to shred smooth fingerstyle licks, you'll instantly upgrade your chops with this technique under your belt.
  • Discover epic chicken pickin' secrets... you'll be able to pick and pluck like a pro and get that funky hillbilly sound.
  • What's more "Americana" than a blues progression that's used in country, bluegrass and rock 'n roll? You'll be rockin' this one in no time.
  • Jon will show you an effortless palm muting technique to give you that pro tightness to your playing.
  • In just a few minutes, Jon is gonna teach you Merle Haggard's famous "Workin Man Blues" rhythm. You'll be astonished at how quickly you nail this one.

Get Licks You Can Use Right Away

    You can play sweet Americana style
    on the Electric or the Acoustic Guitar.
  • You'll discover a secret to how great guitar players quickly come up with smoking hot riffs. Once you know this nimble little trick, you'll be improvising your own killer rhythms -- all day long.
  • You're gonna have a revelation when Jon shows you this plain and simple formula to instantly transform any basic, simple chord into a sonic powerhouse.
  • This "Danny Gaton" Style Rhythm includes clawing, picking, and hammering and will make you look and sound like a pro. It's easy, simple and fun to play, and going to impress anyone around.
  • You'll discover a must-know riff to include in your repertoire because people instantly recognize it. It always gets the crowd pumped and energized.
  • Killer Double stop licks. These double stop licks add extra colour and chunk to your solos and phrasing. You'll instantly get that twangy banjo sound when you use them.

You're Gonna Devour These Red-Hot Guitar Riffs

By the end of course 1 you'll have over a dozen new red hot country riffs and quotes under your belt.

In course 2 Jon goes into more advanced licks and breaks down solos for you step by step.

You'll master solos from the likes of Johnny Cash and James Burton. These moves will bump your chops to the next level FAST.

Here's just a preview of what course 2 has got for you to experience:

    Become every band’s go-to guitarist.
  • You're gonna LOVE these Pedal steel licks. You'll expand your vocabulary with 6 smooth variations of rockabilly licks will literally have the crowd howlin'.
  • Straight from Jon's mentor, Carl Verheyen (who's known for his work in Supertramp) you'll discover "The Verheyen special licks". These are flashy plug-and-play licks that are perfect for solos.
  • Johnny Cash fan? You're in for a sweet treat. You'll discover a classic country guitar solo by Luther Perkins (Johnny Cash's lead guitarist). This is jam packed with ear-candy licks from start to finish.
  • Instant groove alert: Here's how to get the "Boom-Chicky-Boom" sound that will have any crowd stomping their feet and clapping their hands in 2 seconds flat.
  • Get the gig. If you're even remotely interested in playing with a band, then here's how to shine when playing in a group. You'll become a sought out guitarist and avoid the common mistake guitarists make when playing with bass players.
  • The holy grail of guitar playing is having your own unique sound. Try this simple technique and discover how to expand your playing into another dimension.
  • Never play boring licks again. Jon gives you the secret of how to add chords to solos. This is a trademark of every pro Nashville player.

Jam Like You're Driving
The Dukes Of Hazzard's General Lee
Right Off A Ramp Into The Sunset

Within just 3 hours you'll have exponentially expanded your guitar vocabulary. You'll uncover brand new guitar powers you never knew you had.

In course 3, we'll tie everything together. By the end of this course you'll have a whole new style of top-notch guitar picking.

Jon's excited to share his studio-proven
guitar licks and tricks with you.

If you like pedals and effects, Jon gives you all the critical details to getting a world-class tone.

  • Use some simple effects to create an authentic country guitar sound. Jon shows you his 4 go-to pedals and how to use them for an authentic, Nashville sounding effect.
  • Here's how to play powerful, classic country riffs all over with the neck by using chords you already know. This concept alone will take your chops from rookie to pro in just one lesson.
  • You can never have too many cool licks. Here's another way to instantly double your range on the fretboard.

Jon also shows you beautiful, simple, (but fast sounding) licks from legendary Grammy-winning guitarist Albert Lee. You'll be sounding like a soulful guitar genius when you start playing this stuff.

Add These Rockabilly Rhythms To Your Style and
Crank Up Your Skills To the Next Level.

  • Do you ever stumble playing switching chords? With this little trick, you'll discover the pro's trick of flawlessly connecting one lick into the next.
  • You'll get the exact patterns Scotty Moore played on "Mystery Train" with Elvis Presley. It's a great one to play around a campfire with friends. These riffs also create a classic groove that's perfect for all sorts of tunes.
  • Next is one of those tricks passed down from the masters. Jon picked this one up by a legendary guitarist in the studios of L.A.. You're gonna dig it.

You'll Be Delighted With Your Progress Just By Playing
15 Minutes A Day With These Step By Step
Lessons And Easy-To-Read Tabs.

  • Would you love to be able to create your own songs? Jon will teach you his personal strategy for crafting great tracks...
  • Want a great song to play for your friends and family? This slick, easy to learn rhythm comes to you directly from Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits).

After 3 fun hours, you'll have a fresh picking edge that will add a whole new dimension to your playing.

Whether you'll be rocking with a band, in front of a pretty lady or with friends around the campfire, you'll have confidence you can bust out your guitar at any time and nail some smooth, wicked licks effortlessly.

Jon in the recording studio. Did you
know he’s recorded with Julian Lennon
and Steven Tyler?

One thing's for sure. After you've gone through the Americana Guitar course your guitar playing will never be the same.

If you are just a rookie now, you'll DOUBLE or TRIPLE your guitar chops in 3 hours.

If you are an advanced player, you'll upgrade your playing with these proven plug-n-play licks and tricks. Stuff that can only be picked up by playing in the industry with top pros for years like Jon has.

Supercharge Your Guitar Chops To The Next Level FAST

You don't need monster chops. You don't need to practice for hours. All you need to do to make progress is watch these digital courses and spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going over the tabs.

With Powertabs, Learning Has Never Been Easier

Not only is every note tabbed out for you, but the tabs are also provided in Powertab format so you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing.

Double Your Chops FAST
with Americana Guitar.

No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it!

I'm so excited to help guitarists like you have as much as fun as possible and I'd really love to see you playing all your favorite songs on the guitar.

That's why I'm really excited to send you a copy of Jon MacLennans's Americana Guitar.

...And it's also why I put my neck on the line for you and offer you the best guarantee in the business.

Americana Guitar Vs. Private Instruction

I'm not going to knock face to face lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune. In fact, if you wanted to study with Jon in person, be prepared to dish out thousands of dollars.

Even at "normal" guitar lesson prices, just look at how expensive it would be:

Digital courses save you thousands of dollars, because you're getting dozens and dozens of lessons that you can watch over and over.

This is it, my friend... The Americana Guitar Course is the systematized course that will give you the insider info you need to play like a pro in record time.

I'd like to make your decision easy. So, here's the deal... If for any reason, (or even no reason at all) you decide this course isn't helping you learn some incredible sounding guitar in record time, you can send an email and I'll refund every penny immediately. There's no fine print and no hassles.

The Craziest Guarantee In The World!

Yes, you'll get a 60 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee (and that's just for starters).

Order these awe-inspiring guitar lessons... watch them... then sit down with your guitar... tickle a few strings...and then play a few riffs just to prove to yourself that you've really learned to play some sweet sounding professional guitar, faster than you ever imagined.

If it doesn't happen, just send us a quick email and I'll see that you receive a prompt refund of your money, no questions asked.

Its my way of doing everything humanly possible to put your mind at ease so I can earn your business and put these awe-inspiring guitar lessons into your hands today.

Am I Crazy?
Or Is This Course That GOOD?

I can afford to be so generous... because I know the TRUTH. You see... these lessons really do work! By simply following along with the tabs and taking it slow at first, you'll be amazed how the music comes to life. It's almost like magic because it shouldn't be THIS easy and simple... but it is.

Just imagine inviting your friends and family over, and blowing them away with some world-class guitar music... Jaws will drop and respect will be earned.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this The Americana Guitar Course that will reward you for a lifetime.

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Claude Johnson

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