Whether You're A Total Beginner Or A Seasoned Guitar Veteran, This System Makes It Super Easy To Learn 17 Of The Best Blues Styles Ever.

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Hey Claude Johnson here, and in 3 minutes I'm going to drop a shocking bomb that will forever change how you look at blues guitar.

First let me ask you 4 questions...

  • Do you want the explosive rhythm and lead chops of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Tommy Emmanuel?
  • Would you like to play the simple, smooth, sultry sounds of Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Albert King, BB King, Freddie King, and John Lee Hooker?
  • Want to capture the rootsy magic of Robert Johnson, Hubert Sumlin, and T Bone Walker?
  • What about the sophisticated stylings of Kenny Burrell, Robben Ford, Johnny Winter, and John Mayer?

Imagine for a second that you could capture the signature sounds and riffs from of all of these amazing blues guitarists.

Now, what if I told you that you can easily do this, and you DON'T have to "learn 17 different styles".

The shocking truth is that all these players use the SAME basic structures and patterns.

The Blues Is SIMPLE...

The blues is SIMPLE...and all these styles are closely related.

What you'll discover is that the personal touch and unique sound of the greats comes from the same classic riffs, with maybe 1 or 2 different notes.

It might sound unbelievable, but when you really stop and look at it, you'll be amazed how much they all have in common.

So let me ask you...

What if you could instantly upgrade your guitar chops with the unifying blues secret from all the greatest blues guitarists of all time?

Yes... I promise you... you can transform Your guitar playing literally overnight with this ground-breaking knowledge.

...And that's what you're going to discover on Jon Maclennan's cutting edge "Blues Power!" instructional course.

So you won't have to spend weeks, months, or years studying the blues like a monk in a monastery.

In fact, it will be more like "Neo in the Matrix" as you download an incredibly broad selection of blues styles into your fingers, FAST...

You can do it in a couple of hours just by watching these videoss and following along with the easy to read tabs.

Jon is going to show you the essential blues guitar patterns, and then how to change just a few notes to start invoking the magic of all these amazing blues legends.

Save Yourself Lots of Trial And Error With These Killer Blues Lessons.

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Who Is Jon MacLennan

I want to tell about some of the specific juicy secrets you're gonna learn in this package, but in case you're not familiar with who Jon Maclennan is:

He's one of our most popular teachers here at Guitar Control.

He's also one of the busiest studio musicians in Los Angeles. He's done session work for Julian Lennon (of Beatles family fame) and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

He's recorded with pop star Jamie Cullum, opened up for John Lee Hooker Jr, performed on the Disney channel, and scored soundtracks for major motion pictures and studios.

So he's definitely qualified to teach us a thing or two about blues guitar.

Here's just a few of the things you're gonna learn in Blues Power!

  • How to get the most professional sound you can from your guitar.
  • The simple, easy, no brainer formulas and patterns that will help you to play the blues with power and authority, starting today.
  • The sound secrets behind so many blues tracks, like "All the Way Home" by Led Zeppelin, and tons of other Jimmy Page tricks.
  • The secret of arpeggios and how to use them in blues. It sounds complicated, but Jon makes it as easy as eating your favorite meal.
  • Learn the uptempo "boogie style". Guess what -- all you need to do is speed up your basic blues pattern, add a few notes, and BOOM! You've got it.
  • How to get the blues vibe into your bones so you don't have to think about where you are in the progression. This is how you stop "thinking" and start "feeling"... and more importantly, playing -- I mean really playing the blues.
  • How to play old school style blues like Ray Charles did. The trick is to add a funky bassline to your basic blues riffing. Once again, Jon is going to make this clear and easy for you to do.
  • Learn the incredible blues styling of Tommy Emmanuel, one of the mos foremost modern blues virtuosos.

My Favorite Guitarst Of All Time..

  • My favorite guitarist of all time: Jimi Hendrix, and some of the things he added to the basic blues progression to create absolute magic on the guitar.
  • Take your playing to the next level of awesome with the hybrid picking technique. This puts a killer twist into your blues chops.
  • Discover the style of Danny Gatton, one of the most amazing and underrated guitarists ever, and how to use his patented "blues voicing" chords to create endless cool possibilities.
  • Chord comping made simple. Plus how to spice it up with some sweet harmonic movement.
  • The "inner chord" secret which instantly gives you a slick, sophisticated sound.
  • How about Eric Clapton? The one move Clapton does all the time in so many of his songs is finally revealed. The best part is that its SUPER easy.
  • You'll also learn how to take a simple blues and transform it into a colorful, creative jazz or pop song.

SRV's Favorite Formula.

  • You're gonna love this: Get the foolproof formula that Stevie Ray Vaughan used to craft dozens of blues hits.
  • Also, the unusual, brain-dead simple thing SRV did to ensure his blues rhythms sounded super crunchy and awesome.
  • How to play like one of the all time pioneers of blues guitar: T-Bone Walker.
  • Learn the smoky slow blues and chicago blues styles. Plus a hot-shot guitar trick that adds a dramatic embellishment to your playing.
  • You'll also learn what Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins, and Kenny Burrell all did that made their blues playing sound so killer.
  • The King of the Blues - B.B. King, and some of the tricks he did... The right way (and the wrong way) to use sliding chords in your playing, and new chord shapes you can start using today.
  • And perhaps best of all, you're going to learn Jon's quick-start formula to learning ANY blues song (or even any song at all) in record time. This alone is worth the price of the course.

Hold On, I'm Not Done.

But hold on, I'm not done.

  • More about basslines, the secret of the "walking" bassline, and the bassline turnaround that sounds slick and badass.
  • The real secret to make your blues sound "swinging".
  • Some really cool forgotten blues tricks used by players like George Harrison, Dickey Betts, plus John Mayall and the bluesbreakers.
  • A classic blues tune by Booker T and the MGs
  • The "piano effect" is a special way to play the guitar that gives you a powerful and uniquely different kind of sound.
  • Robert Johnson style, including how he used classic riffs as both intros and turnarounds.
  • Tons and tons of great stuff about blues turnarounds... These classic licks will give you that undeniable authority in the tradition of the blues.
  • How Stevie Ray did turnarounds
  • The "counterpoint" turnaround. This is an incredible lick that I've never seen taught before.
  • In fact, you'll get over a dozen killer turnaround examples that will fill up your blues vocabulary bag, FAST.

9 Amazing Bonus Lesson

Now if all that wasn't enough, I've asked Jon to film 9 amazing bonus lessons for you covering even more of the all time blues guitar greats, including:

Albert King, Freddie King, Hubert Sumlin, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Winter, Mark Knopfler, Robben Ford, and Kenny Burrell.

But I want to drive home the point again, that this course is NOT just a collection of random blues styles...

The Core Blues Secret.

It really reveals THE CORE SECRET of all these blues legends. It's where the real power comes from... You'll finally understand how all these blues styles overlap.

You'll start to clearly see how you can literally change just 1 or 2 notes and get a different sound.

And that's the ticket to going beyond "memorization" and really starting to master blues guitar itself.

The blues isn't about memorizing stuff -- its about playing from the heart...

That's what I hope you get from this course and why I'm so excited about it.

So, you're going to get 3 jam-packed modules, 9 amazing bonus lessons, and tabs...

You're Protected By Our Famous 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

Guitar Control offers a generous 60 days guarantee on all courses. We want to make ordering from us an exciting and no-risk experience.

If for some strange reason, you're not able to QUICKLY AND EASILY LEARN some amazing tricks and techniques on the guitar, contact our customer support for a no-hassle refund.

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You'll surprise friends, family and musicians when you whip out the guitar and start laying down these simple powerful licks and riffs.

I guarantee that you'll be more inspired than you have been in years. Your passion for the guitar is going to go to new heights. Your chops are going to sound better than ever.

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Hey, if you're still watching this video, it means you're passionate about blues guitar. Jon's a great teacher, and that we've got a ton of amazing content to share with you.

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  3. This course is FUN... Jon is a real joy to learn from and teaches the most amazing stuff. Jon is a guitar PRO who's making a living with his axe. He's not just some Youtube bedroom guitar muppet.
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Do nothing...

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Take some of the ideas Jon's already shared with us, and figure out the rest on your own...

Get everything handed to you on a silver platter -- including 3 amazing modules and tabs, and all the keys and secrets to being able to play like 17 of the greatest blues guitarists of all time.

And once again, you risk nothing because of my incredible 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

It's really a no brainer decision.

Give this package a shot. You've got nothing to lose and a new world of blues guitar to discover.

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