That's what Greg told his
guitar teacher before he fired him...

Dear Soon-To-Be-Epic Guitarist,

Before I tell you Greg's story, think about this:

  • Remember how inspired you were when you discovered Hendrix, Stevie Ray, and Santana... and how exciting it was when you first started playing guitar? What if you could rediscover that same feeling of exhilaration and passion... and start improvising beautiful blues solos?
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck in a rut, and you want to jump start your creative juices with a whole new bag of tricks and new ideas that will keep you motivated, and entertained for months?
  • Are you tired of boring scale exercises? Do you want to improvise JUICY, tasty licks and smokin' solos up and down the neck, with fluidity and control... instead of being stuck in those same old boxes and patterns?
  • Are you confused about what you should be working on to get to the next level on the guitar? Do you bounce around from one thing to the next but you're not making real progress?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then keep reading, because what I'm about to share with you is going to totally change your approach to playing and learning guitar.

Here's How Greg Fired His Guitar Teacher
And Discovered a New Method Of Playing
That's Allowed Him To Create Melodies
That Burst Out From His Soul.

You'll be making crazy guitar faces like this when
you start playing from the deepest part of your soul.

Yes. Greg fired his guitar teacher because he was paying him to watch him practice scales... and he told me: "Claude, I HATE PLAYING SCALES."

I had to hear the man out...

He's a guy in his 50's and guitar has been his hobby - on and off - for decades.

He knew a bit about theory and guitar scales, but he definitely wasn't inspired to sit there running scale patterns for hours.

He wasn't concerned about becoming the next huge thing on MTV, but he DID want the ability to improvise some cool sounding riffs, licks, and solos with fluidity, like some of his biggest influences that he listened to growing up...

... guys like Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

He wanted to able to play blues solos for his friends and family, and share with them his passion for music.

That's what he said would bring him the most joy.

Greg had the basics down for a while but he wanted to be able to play more than that.

He had a thirst to spice things up and add some color to his sound. It would be really sweet if he could improvise a solo, play from the heart, and not spend any of his time practicing dry exercises.

So he hired a guitar teacher at the music school nearby.

He had been making a little bit of progress... but after a month of lessons and $320 in, he couldn't justify continuing with these lessons.

Just Eric and his godfather, Santana,
having fun and jamming on stage.

He told me he was paying a teacher $40 an hour who would basically sit there and watch him practice scales.

He was frustrated. He wanted to play something that sounded more like music, and he begged his teacher to switch things up... but all he got was more scale patterns and clunky sounding exercises.

Then the teacher said "maybe you just need to master the scales I already gave you".

That was the last straw. And that was Greg's last lesson with him.

He looked online for a better solution, and he found it.

He Discovered More In ONE Hour
Than His Private Teacher Taught Him
In An Entire Month.

The key to being a guitar genius is
to constantly have fun playing,
so you stay inspired.

Greg stumbled upon my website and signed up for lessons.

I emailed him some clips from my newest guitar teacher, Eric Gales... and the next day Greg messaged me saying:

"Claude... I was watching Eric Gales' video lessons, seeing him break down how to play these freakin brilliant solos that he does... and the whole time I was waiting for him to tell me that I had to practice a buncha scales before playing a solo. But he never did, what's up with that?"

Well... that's absolutely right, man!

Playing guitar isn't about practicing dull exercises. It's about PLAYING your instrument.

This is why I'm so excited about Eric Gales' new course.

He shows you how you DON'T have to rely on scales to create magnificent melodies.

Instead he show you how to leverage the scales you already know and how to combine them with chords, licks and riffs, so you're actually having fun playing music and not repeating a boring drill.

From now on, it's all about having fun, feeling good,
and letting your soul shine through the music
as you create exquisite melodies.

After you watch these guitar courses, you'll never look at guitar the same way again.

Instead of seeing it as a daunting chore, you'll actually look forward to picking up your guitar every chance you get, because it feels great to be creatively improvising.

It will never feel like work again. Instead it will be an absolute joy to be "working on the craft".

Are Scales a Waste of Time?

Joanne Shaw Taylor and Eric Gales
playing from their hearts on stage.

Don't get me wrong -- scales can be useful tools.

But here's an important truth: If you're not using the scales that you're learning to create sweet licks and real music, then you can end up spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast.

I speak from personal experience. I've unfortunately wasted YEARS just "practicing scales".

It felt like I was "doing something productive". But, did it improve my technique? Make me faster?

Well, ok yeah...maybe a little bit.

But that's about it. That ain't the way to play great guitar.

So what IS the way?

It's all about creating powerful riffs and grooves, and conjuring up those unique melodies that burst out of your soul and give you those "mmm mmm" goosebump feelings.

Eric Gales with Billy Cox
(bassist for Jimi Hendrix)

So how do you do THAT? There's really two ways.

1) Get inspired and figure it out on your own.


2) Get a great mentor who's "been there, done that", who can inspire you, and who you can copy and model yourself after.

Hint: #2 is much easier :) And that's why I'm writing this letter to you... Because Eric Gales is that guy. He's going to inspire you and show you by example how to pull those captivating sounds out of your guitar.

So... who Is Eric Gales And
Why Should You Listen To Everything
He's Got To Show you?

Eric Gales is considered by many a guitar genius. He was a child prodigy...
and now in his early 40's, he has since released a total of 15 albums.

He's played with Stevie Wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughan... recorded with
Zakk Wylde, Eric Johnson...and in 1994 Eric played with Carlos Santana.
Santana even asked Eric if he could be his godfather.

Some of the greatest guitarists in the world give praise to Eric's guitar finesse...

Joe Bonamassa thinks that: "Eric Gales is one of the greatest,
if not the greatest guitarist in the world."

Dave Navarro says "How Eric Gales isn't the hugest name
in rock guitar is a total mystery."

Currently Gales is finishing recording his latest album called
"Middle Of The Road "which is going to have guest appearances
such as Lauryn Hill, Gary Clark, Robert Randolph and other legends.

He blends a variety of genres together, from blues to classical, rock,
gospel and jazz to create his unique style, which he helps others
find in their own playing.

Eric's philosophy is to play from your soul and to help you express
what is inside of you through your guitar.

Discover Eric Gales' Guitar Secrets.

Last year, I got a call out of the blue, and it was Eric Gales.

To make a long story short, Eric was excited about the idea of sharing his knowledge with the world. After putting out 15 studio albums, he decided it was time to create a video course.

So we did.

And the filming turned out to be one of the most inspiring events of my guitar career.

This course is presented in 2 parts:

In part 1, Gales is going to show you dozens upon dozens of licks and riffs to build your blues vocabulary and get you comfortably fluent everywhere on the neck.

In this section you're going to find out how to turn your mind OFF and improvise and express your soul through your guitar.

In part 2, Gales is going to teach you how to put it all together and he's going to show you how to play 16 hot songs. Some of these are songs that Eric wrote himself, and others are from blues legends that you will surely recognize.

Eric Gales plays his guitar Upside down and
Backwards. But, it doesn't matter because...

Rather than feeling like a chore,
playing guitar becomes fun when
you know Eric's secret techniques

Yes, Eric plays his guitar upside down and backwards.

If you were concerned that it's going to make learning from him difficult, there's 3 reasons why it's not an issue.

First, If Eric tells you to play the 5th fret on the G string, it is still the 5th fret on the G string

Second, Eric has many students on Skype, all right handed players, and no one's ever had a problem.

And third, just to be sure: We hired pro session guitarist Billy Crabbe (who plays "normally") to break down every module in the guitar courses and explain in more detail exactly what Eric is doing. You'll see how things are played as a right handed guitarist.

I insisted on adding this because I wanted you to get 100% of the guitar goodies here. Also, if there was any part where Eric went a bit too fast explaining it, Billy breaks it down even further.

The entire program runs over 5 hours and you'll get the best of both worlds... A ton of inspiration from a real guitar master, and all the nitty gritty details so you can do it yourself too.

Here's a preview of what you're going
to discover in course 1 of Eric Gales'
Guitar Secrets course:

  • The "step ladder" technique. This is one of the main tools that you can use to transform an ordinary pentatonic scale into soulful, bluesy licks. If you use this one technique, you'll be having a blast and expressing yourself in no time. 2:22
  • Watch how Eric always finds the simplest, easiest way to nail the right notes on the fretboard. The real guitar masters never play something hard when they can play something easy. 4:25
  • Eric holds the pick differently from anyone else I've seen. You might want to try this because it will give you more grip and more control, instantly. If there was ever a way to improve your technique in the blink of an eye, this is it. 5:15
  • How to stop overthinking your picking technique. Here's some sage advice that guides you toward playing like a master. The best part is that it instantly "feels right". 7:44
  • Go behind the scenes and discover
    Eric Gales' Guitar Secrets.
  • One of the most epic techniques ever is to start playing a single-note riff and end it by flowing into a dazzling chord. Eric will give you several examples and show you how you can do it in your own style. 8:26
  • Sometimes there's nothing more beautiful than a minor key riff. This one's inspired by Carlos Santana. And Eric gives you a note for note breakdown and explains the nuances of the bending he's doing. 9:00
  • Don't like memorizing stuff? Neither does Eric Gales. Here's how to play an amazing blues solo just by making it up on the spot. (This is a great technique that even experienced players will love). 11:14
  • How to use your thumb in a chord and create epic sounds easily. (This was one of Jimi Hendrix's go-to techniques). 14:51

Forget Memorizing Dozens Of Scales.
You'll Discover How To Combine Licks With Chords,
Riffs And Scales So That You Can Create Unique
Melodies That Burst Out Of Your Soul.

  • Forget learning tons of different picking techniques. Here's how to pick without any thought process. Hint: It's all about what works for you and what is comfortable. (This is what Gales does to minimize the amount of work he puts into his playing). 15:30
  • How to work with "linear lines and sequences". This is the key to creating endless varieties of cool licks. You'll never be stuck playing boring scale patterns again. 21:04
Imagine playing gorgeous solos without
practicing scales for hours.

Plus, you'll discover the secret behind exotic lines and stunning melodies. You could theorize about what scales are being used till the cows come home but the point is NOT getting bogged down in scales or theory, and instead using them to create music.

Try these examples and then tweak them to find your own inspiration. That's the fun way. That's the fast way to get results. We'll also show you the patterns that these licks came from... so you can go deeper if you want and experiment with even more variations.

  • Specific "How to" instructions for picking and arpeggios. If you want the absolute simplest way to follow along with these lessons, we'll tell you exactly what to play. 24:17
  • Discover advanced jazz chords and how to actually use them naturally in your playing. You'll be sounding like a guitar master and your friends will be scratching their heads wondering how you got so good. 28:33

Build Your Riff And Lick Vocabulary With
Dozens Upon Dozens Of Original Eric Gales Pieces
So That You Can Create Your Own.

  • You'll get the #1 secret ingredient for creating guitar magic on the spot, anytime you want. Eric demonstrates how he constantly is creating new riffs out of thin air and you'll be empowered (and inspired) to do the same thing. 33:24
  • Playing lead and rhythm together has never been simpler. Once thought to be only the stuff of legends and virtuosos, this technique is brought down to earth and made accessible. This is how you can put on an entire show by yourself. 35:17
  • Eric is always a favorite performer
    at blues festivals.
  • What you must do with your mind in order to tap into the massive power of your subconscious and unlock the hidden library in your brain. Imagine being able to access everything you've ever learned... and turn that into a flowing, delightful piece of your own. 36:47
  • Want to blend blues, jazz, rock, gospel, and funk, just like Eric Gales? Listen to what Eric says about how to make it all "fit together". This is a huge advantage if you want to give your playing more depth and variety. 37:30
  • You can even incorporate some classical guitar in with your blues. Eric gives us a tasty example of this. It's so powerful because you'll start becoming more creative and you'll never have to rely on memorized licks and riffs. 38:41

Break the Rules and Make Them Work For You.

  • The surprising way to create your own unique, instantly recognizable style. 40:00
  • Bypass the theory and still get the benefits. Ever wonder why certain chords work well with one another and why others don't? When you discover Eric's walk up technique you'll intuitively understand how to piece together chord after chord to create your own great riffs. 41:33
  • Rut-buster alert. Here's the cure if you find yourself playing the same old stuff over and over. Try Eric's approach to playing, and you just might never feel stuck again. 42:14
  • Discover �OOOOH YEAAA� licks and riffs.
  • This simple trick will "blues up" any lick in 2 seconds flat. This adds color, nuance, and sauce to anything you play. 42:40
  • An awesome way to "get out of the box". I call this the "Eric Gales' jump around technique". You can use this to play what you feel all over the fretboard. 46:08
  • Get a whole new way to improvise. Hint: forget playing the patterns you already know. It's all about switching strings at the right moment. You can improvise a complete solo in your own guitar voice and personality with just this one idea. 47:44
  • Eric's 2 tips for mastering rhythm. The first one will make your timing rock solid. The second one will put the groove in you and keep the pulse front and center in your mind. 50:07
  • How to piece together a solo from scratch. Once you have your main riff you'll be able to add your lead lines in and create something totally unique that sounds magnificent. (This is how you can just "jam" and have fun on the guitar). 52:28

Guess what -- that's all just on the first course and there's loads more great stuff.
Here's what's on course 2:

  • "Channeling Hendrix, man". Watch how Gales does a Jimi style solo... There's a couple of very simple licks you can use that make it work. Now it's your turn. 00:31
  • Smokin solo: Hope you like heavy blues guitar leads. If you do, you're in luck. Gales is going to show you how to play a hot blues-rock solo with distortion that combines licks with scales. 01:45
  • John Mayer with Eric Gales.
  • Another easy-to-follow idea that helps you use scales without making them sound so generic. This is a wicked way to make practicing fun, rather than a chore. 03:00
  • How to form the most marvelous, fat chords and mix them into your solos. This is one of Eric's patented tricks which he learned by playing music in church and listening to keyboard players. 03:45
  • The waterfall effect. A non-technical method that any beginner can use to produce silky textures instantly. 4:01
  • Try these 3 bluesy chords that you can throw into any solo for extra flavor and seasoning. 4:27
  • The #1 key to massive progress is to "practice" without making it feel like practice. Gales reveals his methods that made playing the guitar enjoyable. It's what allowed him to get good so fast. This alone is worth the price of the course ten times over. 6:55

I should probably warn you. This technique is so powerful that you might not be able to put your guitar down. Gales became addicted to the guitar when he started doing this (it literally kept him awake at night).

You'll Also Play 16 Sizzling Hot Songs and Solos
From Legends Like Carlos Santana, Eric Johnson,
B.B. King, Blue Oyster Cult, Hendrix, plus
Eric Gales Originals and More.

Song/Solo #1: "Make Somebody Happy" by Carlos Santana

Gales learned this one directly from his godfather, Carlos Santana and puts his own magic touch on it. Prepare to be mesmerized by the back-and-forth of lush chords and intense lead guitar licks. Besides teaching you how to play it, Eric explains how the emotional factor can go through the roof on some of these pieces. 23:20

Eric will show you how to
crank up the FUN to the max.
Song/Solo #2: An Eric Gales Blues Improvised Original

Eric shows you a whole 3 minute long solo with his hybrid picking with the waterfall technique. The one little trick to making the picking almost automatic is revealed. Plus, how to play certain notes that seem "impossible" (but are actually easy once you know the secret). 42:30

Song/Solo #3: An Eric Johnson Inspired Solo

Eric Johnson is one of the most influential guitarists of the past 20 years. What's great is how Eric Gales gives you some simplified ways to capture the essence of those fiery hot blues runs. 51:41

Song/Solo #4: "Good For Sumthin" by Eric Gales

An Eric Gales original from his last record (featuring guest appearances by Zakk Wylde and Eric Johnson) This is a deep soulful bluesy song that mixes influences of Hendrix, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and Lightnin' Hopkins.

Words cannot describe the intense blues passion that this music transmits. 56:38

Your creativity is going to explode with all
these new ideas to get "out of the box".

Here's what's on course 3:

Song/Solo #5: An improvised BB King inspired Blues Jam

This is a smoother style of blues that Gales improvises on the spot. It combines classic B.B. King style licks with fat Chicago Blues chords.

You won't believe how simple it can be to sound like a blues master. Imagine a nice thick chord ringing out and then perfectly transitioning into a perfect lead phrase.

Then, Eric shows you how to take it to the next level with some even more advanced and exotic chords that will make your jaw drop to the floor. 05:42

Song/Solo #6: Danny Gatton / Albert Lee / Chet Atkins inspired song

Add some real variety to your playing with this country-western piece that intertwines a moving bass line with hot chicken pickin licks. 21:07

  • Play this twangy country lick from Chet Atkins which you can throw into any solo for a southern country effect. Gales says it "sounds like a glass of iced tea". 25:32
  • How to add influences from some of the "jazz cats". Gales plays some incredible Wes Montgomery influenced chordal passages. There's a massive amount of cool new chords for you to try and have fun with for days. 36:30
Song/Solo #7: the Star Spangled Banner

Very different than Hendrix's version. This one has a lot more chord melody to it. Absolutely stunning and very instructive. 42:41

Song/Solo #8: "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.

This classic hit from the 70's is going to rock your socks off. In a typical Gales fashion, he takes this piece to the zamner zone using a chord-melody approach and adds his own unique riffs and licks to the melody. 1:03:00

  • Pay attention to the picking technique here. It turns your guitar into a harp and adds blazing hot sauce to your riffs. As with all the examples, Billy Crabbe breaks everything down to the Homer Simpson level (and gives you detailed tabs) in case Eric is going too fast. 1:09:00
  • Eric's simple plan that you can use to make any difficult guitar piece easy to learn. 1:12:00
Eric Gales and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith.

But wait...

There's more! Here's what you'll find on course 4:

Song/Solo #9: A funk piece by Ray Gomez.

A nice change of pace from the blues and it's got enough rhythm to shake the paint off the wall.

He actually gives you several examples of funk rhythms, each with a different feel and flow to it. You'll be incorporating lots of different techniques, new chords, and upgrading your chops and vocabulary in a major way. 06:23

  • How to mix funk with "church style" blues. Sooo fun. Watch Eric throw in some Hendrix wah-wah licks and you can't help but smile. 14:11
  • Eric shows you the very first riff he ever learned at 4 years old (which he's built many riffs from, over his decades playing guitar). Now you'll also get his updated version which sounds really fat and juicy. 17:00
Song/Solo #10 "Hear my train a comin" by Jimi Hendrix

Screaming, distortion-soaked blues epicness. The classic Hendrix anthem. THIS is what it's all about for me. Throw away your scale charts and get into the ZONE. Simple step-by-step instructions without complicated theory. 24:00

You'll rediscover that feeling of exhilaration
that you had when you first picked up a guitar.
Song/Solo #11: The "Robert Randolph Jam"

Delta blues mixed with modern influences. It's only got 2 chords. Simple and powerful. A super fun jamming piece. 29:30

Song/Solo #12: "You Give Me Life" by Eric Gales

This is an instrumental song from Gales' upcoming record "Middle Of The Road". This song got recorded with Eric Johnson. Originally Gales wanted to call this song "Beatlesque" because it reminded him of something that the Beatles could have played. 31:00

Song/Solo #13: "Pickin' and grinnin'" by Eric Gales

This is a "back alley, down deep, pickin n grinnin" song from Eric's first album "Ghost Notes". Every one of these songs is gonna inspire you and teach you a lot. 34:44

Song/Solo #14: "Retribution" by Eric Gales

If you know how to play a standard 1-4-5 blues chord progression then you'll love this song. It turns your generic blues progression into a rough and gritty, rompin' stompin' rhythm that you'd hear at a dark and smoky dive bar. 39:00

Become a Tone Maestro.

  • Ever wonder how guitar legends make their special sounds? Eric Gales uses 8 different effects that give him an incredible unique sound. Use these at your own risk of sounding freakin' awesome. 45:21
  • Gales is going to show you his favorite gear. Everything from guitars, strings and picks. He's been endorsed by many companies over the years and these are his favorites - you'll see why. 56:22
Song/Solo #15: "Crystal Vision" by Eric Gales.

Another epic and intense blues song that will get your creative juices flowing with some zingy, intricate colorful vibes.. It incorporates both lead and melody. You'll really see how to put some major twists on the ol' "I IV V". You'll get everyone listening hyped up and excited (especially yourself). 1:07:00

Feel confident playing your instrument, knowing
you've got all the tools under your belt.
Song/Solo #16: Back In Black by AC/DC

Love classic rock? Then you'll love playing this classic song with a twist. Gales has been super inspired by Angus Young from AC/DC. That's because he plays so effortlessly and he's so free on the guitar. Of course, this is the Gales version (very unique). 1:12:00

  • Want vibrato like Stevie Ray, Hendrix, and Frank Marino? Try this potent exercise. It actually is a lot of fun and doesn't feel like a drill, as you're playing with sounds all over the neck. 1:15:00
  • Discover the Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield style riffs. They are time-tested, tried-and-true guitar magic. 1:15:00
  • Upgrade your chops by adding another style into the mix: Reggae. These examples are licks that Gales has played with Lauryn Hill. 1:17:00

Sit Down With Your Guitar,
Grab Your Favorite Beverage,
And Just Sit Back And Watch These guitar courses...
Here's What You Can Expect:

  • You'll suddenly own dozens upon dozens of gorgeous new blues licks and riffs that'll upgrade your fretboard knowledge and repertoire. These are sounds that you can throw into any piece to spice it up.
  • You'll be able to combine chords, licks and scales and put them together into an entire song and solo. Forget complicated theory -- Eric's going to show you how it's done with little to no thought.
  • You're going to be mixing rhythm with lead, and sound like a one man band. This was the standard for guitarists in the early 1900's, when they had no backup band, drummer or bassist to play with.
  • You'll be able to play 16 sizzling blues songs from legendary artists like B.B. King, Carlos Santana, Blue Oyster Cult, Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Eric Gales and many many more.
  • You'll finally be able to express yourself through your guitar and improvise blues solos. This is one of the greatest joys of playing guitar. You'll find yourself playing more and more when you can do this. You might even start recording yourself, as I've been doing lately.
  • Get over 5 hours of killer content. Mostly from Eric Gales himself. You'll also get the bonus footage from session guitarist Billy Crabbe who repeats some of the key points for you and shows you exactly how it should look on a right handed guitar.

Is This Course Right For You?

  • If you haven't been making progress as fast as you had hoped and want clear and concise instructions to upgrade your chops quickly and effectively... then this course is for you.
  • If you love blues guitar and want to be able to play a huge variety of riffs, licks and styles and know how to tie them together with ease... then this course is for you.
  • If you need an injection of inspiration and motivation to pick up your guitar, play new things and upgrade your chops... then this course is for you.
  • If you want to be able to play 16 hot blues songs (in just a few hours) from legendary artists like Carlos Santana, B.B King, Muddy Waters, Wes Montgomery, Blue Oyster Cult and Jimi Hendrix... then this course is for you.
  • If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive, hit or miss, time consuming lessons... then this course is for you.

Get Out Of That Same Old Boring Routine,
And Rediscover Your Passion For Playing Guitar.

With all the ideas and tools you're going to discover in Eric Gales' Guitar Secrets, you're going to get hooked on your guitar all over again (like a favorite show you just can't stop watching).

These are the same secrets that motivated Gales to get so good, so fast.

The best part is that they're handed to you on a silver platter. You won't have to spend years figuring them out on your own.

All you need to do is pop in the guitar courses, sit back, and enjoy.

And before you know it, you'll be grabbing your guitar and finding yourself swept away in a new chapter of music.

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This a great opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with Eric Gales' blues guitar lessons.

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Eric Gales' Guitar Secrets
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Keep playing your guitar,

Claude Johnson

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