Dear Soon-To-Be Awesome Guitarist,

  • Has playing the blues been a lifelong dream of yours, but it feels daunting, confusing, or even frustrating? Has your guitar been collecting dust?
  • Do you wish you could quickly conquer the basic techniques for rhythm and lead, and start having FUN playing some smokin' blues guitar?
  • Are you confused about what you need to learn, in what order, to make playing blues guitar easy?
  • What if you had a great teacher guide you step-by-step with proven shortcuts (that have been effective for thousands of students), for playing the blues in record time?

Well if this sounds like something you're interested in, keep reading because this letter will be the most important thing you read today, maybe the most important thing you read EVER. That's because I'm about to show you how you can fast-track your learning curve in record time.

Let me tell you a story about a guy named Bob
and his musical journey to fulfilling his dream of
becoming a good guitarist... It's important because
his story is one I've seen over and over.

Bob grew up in the 70's, listening to Clapton, B.B. King, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and all the old blues cats.

Those were the guys that blew his mind years ago... and still do.

Now in his 50's, Bob's nearing retirement. Finally, with the kids out of the house, and a career that's lasted some decades... he's got the cash to buy himself a guitar and a little bit of time to himself to pick up a hobby and play.

So he buys himself a brand new Fender electric guitar, and an instructional guitar songbook with it... so he can play the blues like he's always wanted to.

But learning ain't as easy as it used to be.

These courses can help you start
playing the blues in record time.

A couple of weeks go by and Bob's been struggling to grasp even the basics. Even the "easy" licks seem hard. "Ya can't teach an old dog new tricks" he tells himself.

A few months later and Bob's Fender Strat has been sitting in the corner collecting dust. But he's still got hope. Everytime he looks at his guitar he wishes he could play it. It would make him feel so good to play a couple of licks, or jam out at an open mic night.

Then one day, as Bob is online, he stumbles upon a website that helps people play guitar...

Bob starts getting guitar lessons in his email inbox, and for the first time he starts to play cohesively on the guitar.

Some of the lessons were too "fast" and advanced for him, but a couple of them got him playing a note or two that actually sounded like real music. Maybe it didn't sound amazing, but something was happening...

For the last few weeks Bob's been watching lessons, leaving comments and asking for easier material to help him play some classic blues songs, riffs, and licks.

Well here at Guitar Control, we received Bob's feedback, and we realized a ton of people want a course that would help with the basics and a little bit more (even for an absolute novice), and do it in record time.

You Asked... We Listened! Finally...
Introducing: Zero To Hero In 10 Days.

Yes. "Zero to Hero in 10 Days."

That's the name of our newest instructional guitar series. And perhaps the most important one we've released yet.

When we received hundreds of comments that asked for slower paced, easier and simpler guitar lessons on the fundamentals...

We realized we had yet to create our most important instructional series ever: The one that takes beginners, that have dabbled with the guitar, and turns them into great sounding guitarists... that can play the blues and learn on their own, without a teacher... and in record time.

Imagine coming home after a long day, pouring yourself a glass of your favorite drink, and playing some wicked, smokin' blues guitar... as the sound soothes your soul and fills you with inspiration.

This course is perfect for beginners, and especially for guitarists that have had a guitar for a while, dabbled with it, but haven't gotten to the level they've always aspired to.

Mike B. is ready to give you
easy, simple, step by step lessons.

Forget expensive private guitar lessons... end your search online for tabs and quick lessons.

We've put all the basics and fundamentals of playing awesome sounding blues guitar all in one course to get you up and running in just 10 days.

Lacking Motivation And Inspiration To Play?
Zero To Hero Crushes Your Confusion, And Puts You
On The Fast Track To Playing Blues.

  • Master the Building Blocks of Blues Guitar. From learning the 12 bar patterns, to some basic riffs, licks, and scales. With these simple techniques under your fingers, you'll be able to easily play a variety of blues songs and styles.
  • Learn from the Masters. Play some simple, soulful blues from the greats like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and more. Copying the masters is one of the fastest shortcuts possible.
  • Powerful Rhythms. You’ll develop a rock solid set of groove skills, along with fun ways to jam and create some nice blues music… with a band, at a jam session, or just at home.
  • Conquer the Blues Boxes. Quickly learn the scale patterns on the fretboard, and when and how to use them. It’s never been simpler.
  • Bending and Vibratro. It's all about bending and shaking those notes so they come to life. Ever wonder how a great bluesman can take a couple of notes and make it sound like a million bucks? This is how. Every blues great has a mean vibrato and you'll have one too with the techniques you'll discover in Zero To Hero.
  • Blues Turnarounds. One of the most iconic elements in blues guitar player. Learning a few of these riffs really spices things up and makes you sound like a pro without a ton of effort.
  • Advanced Tricks. Most of the so-called advanced techniques are actually not that difficult. It’s just that you didn’t know about them. Mike opens up the vault and gives you the keys to the blues kingdom with secrets that take most guitarists a long time to discover.

By the end of these 3 fun hours of Zero To Hero... you'll be a way better guitar player guaranteed... even if you totally suck today.

Is it Possible to Make More Progress In The Next 10 Days Versus The Entire Time You've Owned Your Guitar?

If you've played guitar for years already, then that probably sounds crazy.

However, Mike's system has been battle-tested and has been proven effective for literally thousands of students who've gone through his programs at the Vancouver Guitar school.

And for the first time ever, we've captured his teaching magic on beautiful HD digital courses. So, I seriously would not be surprised if you double or triple your skills in a very short term using these courses.

So, why is this system so darn effective?

Two reasons:


You’ll get all the essential know-how, all in one place, in an easy-to-understand manner, with step-by-step instructions. No guesswork.

As someone who's been in the guitar teaching profession for a long time, I can tell you that when we've broken things down piece by piece, and taught them step-by-step, our students upgraded their skills significantly faster than when we taught them one trick at a time.

Mike makes learning guitar fun and simple.

The second big reason:


You get taught by an incredible teacher that makes playing the guitar fun and simple.

Mike is a really gifted teacher because he's able to take a complicated subject like playing guitar, and verbalize his instructions in an easy, simple and step-by-step format that's fun to follow along with, and easy to understand.

This is a really rare ability to find in a teacher. (Which is why I got Mike to create this course.)

Most teachers overcomplicate things. Mike shows you how to play every song, technique and how to put it all together in a crystal clear way.

Who Is Mike And Why Is He Really Qualified To Teach You
Rock Solid Guitar Skills In Record Time?

Mike Baelde has been playing guitar since the age of 9. He received his degree in music performance from the Berklee music College and won the Fred Sherratt Award distinguishing him as a top Canadian scholar. He is the head instructor for the Vancouver Guitar School, tours extensively in Canada, and has a worldwide following of students.

Here's what Mike's got to say on the subject of teaching and learning guitar:

"My philosophy on music and teaching is simple. The better you get, the more rewarding music becomes. A good teacher will simple guide a student to that point where they want to play and practice, by using a process that keeps the student having fun and engaged throughout.

There is no greater joy for me than when I see my students accomplishing their musical goals, so I've made it my main focus to help people succeed on the guitar. There is something here for everyone. No matter what your level, it is my guarantee that you will emerge a better guitarist after completing this series."

Here's Just Some of the Powerful Secrets
You're About to Discover:

  • Jam like a CHAMP. You'll be playing the blues with ease even if you're a raw noob. Mike breaks things down to doofus level. Even grandpa Simpson would get it :)
  • SOUND TIGHT when you play. The secret is in little tricks like palm muting to get that chunky sound...and how to combine it with the full and open sound.
  • Got no rhythm? Don't worry, Mike will give you a counting technique so the rhythm becomes "can't fail."
Discover the most potent shortcuts for
blues guitar (both rhythm and lead).
  • Worst fear for beginners: the dreaded barre chord. But you can overcome this obstacle with a simple tweak.
  • Exact instructions on where to place each finger on the fretboard. Yep, nice and slow so there's way to go wrong.
  • Play naturally. The "feather stroke" technique lets you go from basic counting of the rhythm to filling things in. It's boatloads of fun.

Who said you have to wait years to sound great?

  • Jump the shark. Go directly to playing sophisticated chords like Dom9 and Dom13 chords. And more importantly, how and when to use them.
  • Classic blues vibes. There's a cool method for getting that smooth and salty sound, using chords you might already know. I guarantee you've heard this sound before if you've listening to blues.
  • From amateur hour to the pro zone. Transform your playing with a simple technique called "pickup notes". It wakes up the rhythm more than an extra large coffee.
  • Chordal stabs give you an awesome punch that I'm sure you've heard from pros and virtuosos. Stop wondering how they get those chunky sweet chords into their playing because now it's your turn.
  • Awesome variations: If you've ever felt tired of playing the same stuff over and over, here's how to spin up your own combinations of epic riffing.

Down Home Chicago Blues Playing
Has Never Been Easier.

  • Conquer the chicago blues shuffle in the key of G. It has a riff that's tastier than a deep dish pizza with all your favorite toppings.
  • Big beginner blunder: Don't get into the habit of using the wrong fingers when you play the blues shuffle. If you do this, you'll never develop the proper hand strength.
  • Must know technique: the walkup. This is a sensational sounding riff that gets everyone's ears ready for the next chord.
  • Churn out an entire 12 bar arrangement using spicy chord substitutions, killer riffs, strumming variations, and more.
  • How to end a blues song with a goregous finality. it has a sound of complete resolution and everyone knows the song is over :)
  • Triple your treasure chest with plug-and-play blues licks you can add to your personal repertoire, instantly.
It's easy to learn to play the blues.
Grab your guitar and watch the courses.

Here's How To Fool Everyone
And Sound Like a Master,
Even If You're A Beginner.

Yes, you really can sound like you've got a lot more experience than you actually do. The key is to just copy what works and play the same licks as the pros. For example:

  • Get some of these hot blues turnarounds under your fingers and they'll think you've been touring for decades.
  • Swing hard. Juicy chordal playing and solid riffs can be combined into powerful blues mojo.
  • Super fun chord progressions. Use this to instantly write blues songs and jams that will have you and your buddies howling in delight.
  • An underutilized trick to get a mellow sounding vibe with your chords. It's smoother than Joe Cool drinking a glass of southern comfort on the rocks.
  • How to "funk it up" -- here's a specific formula for taking any basic chord progression and adding sweet strumming patterns that are impossible to do wrong.
  • Ring the bell, school's in: Mike will unveil the gospel style blues progression, which empowers you with an entire arsenel of hot chords.
Several of Jimi Hendrix's best secrets are
decoded and given to you on a silver platter.
  • Double the amount of blues styles you can play with Mike's "blues alchemy" secrets.
  • The power of the diminished chord. This sounds fancy but its not hard. Actually its simple because you can use the same chord shape all over the neck in any key.
  • The Hendrix Chord: This is the ultimate funk chord, and really useful in blues. You'll discover how to wield this powerful weapon and add tons of tension to any blues.

Conquer Blues Strumming and Never Look Back.

  • Go right to "16th note" strumming. The specific patterns and exercises you need to quickly go from baby steps to big and bold.
  • Exciting practice sessions. Grab your guitar, a metronome, and your favorite drink. You'll have an absolute blast while building monster chops.
  • The secret of swing. This is the key to infusing your playing with sizzling movement.

Even If You Thought You Had No Rhythm...

  • Get the PULSE of the music into your body. This boosts the feel and makes everyone move and tap their feet.
  • Wow. The funk blues style. Another party just waiting to happen. It sounds awesome and makes you a better musician.
  • The ultimate guide to blues chords. I wish I knew this years ago. This alone is worth getting the course for.
  • Learn and master 2 of Stevie Ray Vaughan's most celebrate tunes. Don't be surprised if your blues chops double overnight.
  • "Intentional sloppiness" is a funny way to describe intense, raw, and raunchy strumming styles. To me, its not sloppy, its just wicked.

It doesn't matter what kind of guitar
and amp you have.

  • You'll be saying 'woah' when you realize how much of the tone comes from your own fingers. How to work on your sense of touch and take your own sound to the promised land.
  • Blues badass: How to to emulate Stevie Ray with Texas blues strumming and muting techniques.
  • Get poppin' harder than Orville Reddenbaker by bouncing off the open strings. This method makes your sound thick and full.
Time to boogie with some classic blues
patterns, licks, and riffs.
  • Boogie! Try another classic pattern and watch out. This is more red hot blues strumming that dominates the fretboard.
  • Secret sauce recipes for making your leads and solos better. You can learn and apply them within a few short minutes.

And that's just first course. Here's some of the blues secrets on the second course:

Blues Guitar Is All About the Turnarounds.

This is one thing you can do to really sound like a blues badass: Learn to play some slick blues turnarounds. It makes people think you know a lot more than you do. The best part is that you work them into your playing fast.

  • Here's 5 powerful turnarounds that you can master quickly. They are pro level, no-nonsense riffs you gotta have.
  • All the masters used one simple idea for making their blues leads epic. This is how they went beyond the basic pentatonic scale. Get ready to join the greats.
  • Wicked bends. If you thought you already knew how to bend the strings, think again. There's so much more to wailing on the guitar than just the ordinary basic blues bend.
  • New ways to create bluesy leads and easy-to-implement techniques for achieving killer skills.
  • Fast and deadly playing like Jimmy Page. There's a technique called "sequencing" that you can swipe for your own leads.
It's never been easier to develop
blues guitar skills in record time.
  • Discover some of B.B. King's best songs and progressions like "The Thrill is Gone".
  • How to craft an entire guitar solo using just 4 notes.
  • The "B.B. King blues box" -- its a way to play lead guitar that's easier and more fun than eating a slice of grandma's apple pie.
  • Want to go SUPER simple? You can play with one or two notes and make it sound interesting. Watch how.

The secret to playing the blues is keeping it simple.

That's right -- its not about getting complicated or doing a whole lot of crazy stuff. Mike is going to show you how to create nice sounding music with your guitar by following tried-and-true blues technqiues, ideas, and songs.

These are the same ideas that have helped thousands of his students over the years to successful play the guitar.

Here's more:

  • Chromatic soloing. This is another one of those great sounding techniques that's actually something you can learn and play within a few minutes. Most of the so-called 'advanced' tricks are only advanced because no one ever showed you how to do them.
  • How Jimi Hendrix used pulloffs in his playing to create some of his best leads.
  • A hidden "secret scale" that actually lives INSIDE the pentatonic scale.
  • Spice up your basic playing with extra tones that will always sound good IF you follow one simple rule.
  • Jazzy bluesgrass type lines can make things 10x more interesting, and you don't need a degree at Berkeley to start doing this.
  • Always hit the right notes. There's actually a way you can hit the wrong notes too and still sound good.
  • The intense "building up to a climax" bends used by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mike breaks down how to do this and sound authentic.
  • "Overbends". A wild dramatic effect that you'll learn how to mix into any blues lead.
Stevie Ray's monster rhythms are
decoded for you.

Mastering the Box Patterns Has Never Been Easier.

  • It really couldn't be simpler to start playing the blues. Mike shows you exactly which notes to play and how they fit into different patterns on the neck.
  • The magic notes -- 2 notes you can hit that are part of the underlying chords. This expands the possibilities and lets you generate some fresh creative ideas.
  • Minor blues techniques -- like adding notes from the minor scale into your pentatonic scale. It's great for minor blues songs.
  • A blues masterpiece: Red House by Jimi Hendrix. Discover the tricks Jimi did to create some of the most potent blues guitar ever.
  • How to play fast and get that virtuoso sound, even if you don't have years to work on your chops.
  • What every great blues solo does: builds a theme and tells a story. These courses will have you doing it before you're done watching.

And there's even more coolness on third course:

Get These Licks Into Your Fingers In Record Time.

  • The hardest part about guitar is taking the stuff you learn from a teacher and actually getting it into your fingers. Mike gives you quick and easy 'homework assignments' so you start applying all the lessons and start making music immediately.
  • The HOLY GRAIL for all blues guitarists: how to improvise without thinking about where you are going on the fretboard. This is where the magic happens.
Develop your own unique voice on
the guitar like Clapton and the greats.
  • All the greats (B.B. , Clapton, SRV) had their own unique voice on the guitar. Here's how to develop yours.
  • How to play with other musicians at an open jam session or in a band. This can make or break you as a guitarist.
  • The magic of 'call and response' and how to have a musical conversation. It's a tried-and-true concept, but Mike gives you his own twists on it some with hot formulas to really keep things lively.
  • How to move all over the neck and take advantage of all the guitar has to offer. This gives you true freeboard freedom.
  • "Chord shots" -- a great way to tie together your rhythm and lead playing. It's another handy trick you'll wish you learned years ago.

"The music is not in the notes but
in the spaces between the notes."

That's a quote from none other than Mozart, but its one of the most most underused tricks on the guitar. It really makes your phrases a lot more interesting.

  • It's usually hard for guitarists to create space in their playing. Mike reveals the very specific reason for that and how you can use a specific strategy to create a masterful use of space in your solos.
  • Want to build up your leads to an epic frenzy (without even playing fast?) -- check out the tricks of the trades used by the legends.
  • Unleash the blues fury within you. Here's how to tap into your deepest mojo.
  • Ever feel "stuck in your head"...thinking too much... instead of paying from the heart? Smash that obstacle once and for all with this 1 nifty tweak.
  • How to know if youre truly "blue". This is the benchmark and the goal. Mike shows you to make massive progress.

The #1 Way to Improvise the Blues

  • Yes, you'll get Mike's #1 way to practice improvising and getting those notes out. This has worked for thousands of his students and it will work for you.
  • Want to make your phrases pop with clarity and drip with feel? Then you must learn the 2 distinct kinds of articulation.
  • Go way beyond using the pick...and incorporate some flashy fingerpicking into your style. There's several powerful techniques you gotta own.
  • MEATY tone, thicker than southern meatloaf. Plus tone secrets to get your paws on.
Make your guitar drip with feel
and blues mojo.
  • Sound smoother and more professional than every before. It's all about improving your touch on the instrument.
  • Never get lost on the neck. How to resolve any lick or phrase, even if you don't know where to go.
  • Play like a genius with loads of impressive maneuvers. For example, the "chordal walkdown resolve". I'm talking thick beautiful melodies that make your guitar sound like a church organ.

The art of crafting a solo

  • Here are multiple strategies that I've never seen before, for really building a solo and telling a story. And its not about playingfaster or more notes.
  • What the bluesmen do: Use basic scales in special musical ways. This is the art and science of the blues.
  • Don't be a doof. How to avoid ending the solo on a dud vibe.
  • More solo-creating strategies that help you take your natural potential to the stars.
  • Secrets of vibrato -- Mike goes over several different kinds of vibrato, and how to do master each one.
  • How to kick your playing into overdrive to help build a climax to a solo -- without playing faster.
  • Using dynamics in your playing is an underrated topic, but it separates the amateurs from the pros.
  • A surprising trick you can do to make your leads chock full of thick rhythm. Do it right and its epic.
  • Quit wondering what the hottest scales that the legends are using. Mike's gonna show you what combination of notes creates the ultimate blues sounds.
Play blues guitar solos like a champ
with these powerful shortcuts.
  • Giant "master scales" are built off multiple scales. It's cool because you can use them to generate "combination licks" using a wild combination of notes.
  • Advanced 12 bar soloing - how to combine the major penatonic and minor pentatonic...and more importantly, which scale to use on which bar of the 12-bar blues.
  • Sophisticated soloing. A powerful drill you can use all over the neck. You can almost hear the chords behind the scales even if you dont play them.

And Mike ends the video with a bang by revealing yet another little-known gem that all of the greats do to get the most bluesy sound imaginable.

Life Is Short... Here's Your Chance To Once-And-For-All Fulfill Your Dream Of Playing Great Sounding Guitar.

Zero to Hero in 10 Days Vs. Private Instruction

I'm not going to knock face to face lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune. In fact, if you wanted to study with Mike in person, be prepared to dish out thousands of dollars.

Even at "normal" guitar lesson prices, just look at how expensive it would be:

Digital courses save you thousands of dollars, because you're getting dozens and dozens of lessons that you can watch over and over.

This is it, my friend... Zero to Hero in 10 Days is the systematized course that will give you the insider info you need to play like a pro in record time.

I'd like to make your decision easy. So, here's the deal... If for any reason, (or even no reason at all) you decide this course isn't helping you learn to play some great sounding guitar in record time, you can send an email and I'll refund every penny immediately. There's no fine print and no hassles.

The Craziest Guarantee In The World!

Yes, you'll get a 60 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee (and that's just for starters).

Order these awe-inspiring guitar lessons... watch them... then sit down with your guitar... tickle a few strings...and then play a few riffs just to prove to yourself that you've really learned to play some smokin' blues guitar, faster than you ever imagined.

If it doesn't happen, just send us a quick email and I'll see that you receive a prompt refund of your money, no questions asked.

...But here's where it gets crazy:

First of all, if there's even a single course that doesn't impress you in this package, you can email it back to me, KEEP the ones you love, and get a full refund.

You read that correctly -- you can actually keep part of the package, email the rest back, and i'll give you 100% of your money back.

People think I'm nuts for doing this.

Just contact customer support, and we'll take care of you if you find this course isn't for you.

So you're literally risking zero.

This course comes with a very generous,
truly risk free guarantee.

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Am I Crazy?
Or Is This Course That GOOD?

I can afford to be so generous... because I know the TRUTH. You see... these lessons really do work! By simply following along with the courses, you'll be amazed how simple it can be to play the blues. It's almost like magic because it shouldn't be THIS easy and simple... but it is.

Just imagine inviting your friends and family over, and blowing them away with some classic songs... Jaws will drop and respect will be earned.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be thhe proud owner of Zero to Hero in 10 Days. I promise it will give you rewards for a lifetime.

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Keep Rockin',

Claude Johnson

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